quick startHow To Start with Webzilla Cloud

  • Login to Webzilla Control Panel and proceed to the Cloud section

  • In the cloud section you will find tools allowing you to control your cloud services

  • In the pricing area your current prices are displayed

  • Webzilla Instant Files is available via Openstack Swift API. You may find all required credentials for this API in credentials area. This API enables you to use various integrations. One we recommend for beginning users is Cyberduck

  • In the management area you can see the full list of your containers. Each container may be private, public or CDN. Data from private container is accessible only by users with credentials via Swift API. They can be used to store personal data and backups. Files from public container are available to anyone with the link. You can use this kind of containers to distribute content from your website. CDN containers are similar to public, with one difference: data from these containers can be accessed very fast, via CDN. You can attach domains to containers as well. These domains are displayed in the same area. When you click on container name, you proceed to management tools for this particular container

  • In the 'General' tab you can set up different settings for the container, depending on planned usage pattern. In the 'Domains' tab you can bind or unbind domains from the container

  • Binding a domain to container is very useful! Normally, data in container is accessible via long non human-readable URL. Once you bind domain to container, you can just use this domain as the base for URL linking to your data. For example, if you want to serve 'photo.jpg' from container and you bind a domain 'images.site.com' to it, you will be able to access this photo via URL 'http://images.site.com/photo.jpg'. In order to bind a domain, you need to make a CNAME record from this domain to c[tenant id].us01.webzillafiles.com, where tenant id is one of credentials obtained earlier. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team

  • From the navigation area you can redeem your promo code, create a new storage container and view a report of your usage

  • In the report you can see your usage of storage space, normal and CDN Bandwith. Please note: space is calculated in byte*hours, bandwith is in bytes. Cost is always in United States Dollars


integration tools

  • cloud-berry

    Instant Backup

    Cloud backup for Windows Servers and Workstations

  • duplicity


    Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup for Linux and FreeBSD

  • ftp


    Habitual FTP access to yout cloud

  • api


    Openstack Swift API enables easy access to numerous unique features

  • cyberduck


    Access your cloud via simple graphical interface for Windows and Mac OS X